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Auto Glass Repair and Your Insurance

Auto Glass Insurance

The hazards of a chipped or cracked windshield are far greater than the cost of repair, which generally runs between $30 and $75. Even so, it’s a real plus to have the cost covered by your car insurance.

Replacing a car window, if it becomes necessary, will take a much heftier bite out of your wallet — the national average is around $325 for car window replacement — so again, having car insurance to pay that cost is a great help.

However, many people don’t know whether their insurance covers auto glass repair. Others avoid making an insurance claim for auto glass repair or replacement because they fear that their insurance premiums will rise. We’ve worked with a lot of insurance companies, and we’d like to offer a few guidelines that may clear up the confusion.

You must have comprehensive insurance

It’s important to note at the outset that only comprehensive coverage will pay for repairing or replacing damaged auto glass. If you’re driving a fairly new car, or are still making payments on your car, you probably have comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance generally has a deductible — that’s the amount you pay out of pocket for repairs, before your insurance kicks in. If you have a $500 deductible, chances are you’ll be paying the full amount for auto glass repairs, since they usually cost much less than that amount. If, however, you have a really top-notch insurance policy with a very low deductible, your insurance may cover some or all of your repair costs.

Preventative maintenance coverage

Take a good look at your current insurance policy. Some companies include auto glass repairs as preventative maintenance that ensures the safety of your vehicle. They prefer paying out for small repairs in the present time, rather than for full window replacement in the future. Other companies offer optional, no-deductible coverage for auto glass.

Normally, auto glass that’s been chipped or cracked due to road debris or weather conditions is considered “no fault” damage. This means that you won’t experience a change in your insurance rates by making a claim. It’s still a good idea, however, to check with your insurance company before you file a claim.

Get several estimates

Many insurance companies require several estimates before fulfilling a claim for auto glass repairs. We’re always happy to provide insurance estimates, and our competitive rates make us a frequent choice of insurers.

Once you’ve made sure your insurance coverage will pay for your repairs and you’ve gotten your estimates, all that’s left to do is file your claim in a timely manner. We’ll do everything we can to make the process smooth, painless, and quick — and get you back on the road safely.